Here you’ll get the general idea of what to do in here.

The Basics

This section will give you some idea what’s going on here, objectives, and ways to have fun in this game. For further detail and advanced gameplay, also check (or maybe skim) the Command syntax reference.

Playing is easy. You type in commands/actions, press Enter (or click if you must), and see the results. Other people can do this with you at the same time, creating a fun multiplayer experience. You see descriptions of many of the actions taken by other people in the room with you, and you can interact (give, take, hug, etc). Your literacy score increases with every new verb you successfully try. Plus there are already over 175 sound effects (not counting synonyms) with which to bother other players.


Feel free to move about the game freely and explore new areas, by using directional commands. There are dozens of rooms, each with its own description, doors, contents, and sometimes visitors. As the storyline is being developed, new areas will be added.

The Screen

When you first start playing, you see an information bar at the bottom of your screen, and a list of players on the right. As more text appears and scrolls in the main area, these things should remain on the bottom of your screen. If you want to clear up some of the clutter in the main area, you can use the clear command to clean things up.


Be sure to register in order to take advantage of all of the game’s features. You can play as a guest, but won’t be able to do everything that you can do as a registered player. Signup is fast and simple (you only need to provide a player name and a password). You can do so right now using the register link on the right-hand side of this screen.


You can be idle for 60 minutes before you’re automatically logged out. If you see a message like Guido fades away, that means that Guido was logged out due to inactivity. Users who are not in any particular room, but are browsing these content or player pages, may appear as Outside when you use the who command.


Coins are the basic currency here. If you see some lying around somewhere, take them! Anything on the ground is free for the taking, unless it tells you otherwise. There are also a few ways to earn a small amount of coins, through basic economic activities you’ll discover.